We believe in continuous development of technology to meet the needs of our customers both today and tomorrow

Water, Gas and Electric Meters

OEI offers the latest metering technology options to measure individual utility consumption at an unmatched value.

We offer the highest quality, most accurate, and technologically advanced meters for multi-family submetering.

Billing Program.

OEI offers a complete suite of billing and reporting solutions to address today’s operational challenges. These applications allow our representatives the ability to collect, analyze, and process the information they need to optimize utility cost recovery and efficiently manage your resident base.

Reports cover a number of metrics and options and can be customized to your individual needs. For Property Managers and Administrators the program provides important insight and assessment. For residents it allows account access to statements and online payment.

We deliver a complete sub-metering program to recapture utility expenses and promote conservation

Multi Family Utility Billing

  • Unlimited Billable Charges
  • Vacant Unit Cost Recovery
  • Duplicate Billing
  • Sub Metering Billing
  • RUBS or Allocation Billing
  • Convergent Billing

Income Recovery Solutions

Sub Metering Installation and Maintenance Services
OEI will provide and install sub-metering solutions that fit the needs of your community. Our technicians will monitor and maintain your system for trouble-free operation.

Meter Reads
Our wireless systems allow access to the latest consumption figures from offsite or onsite locations.

Free Utility Expense Analysis and Consultation
Through discussion of your needs and analysis of your community, we determine the most efficient way to meet your utility management goals. 

Professional Customer Service and Support for Management Staff and Residents
Our expertly trained and knowledgeable support team will provide the highest level of costumer service to your community management staff and residents. Each customer and call receives our full attention, and will be managed professionally and efficiently.