Bill Pay Services

Let Us Manage your Bills! We’ll Verify the Accuracy of Your Utility and Vendor Bills and Pay Them On Time.

Let us handle your bills with Bill Pay Services

The responsibilities of owning and or managing an apartment or condominium community are vast. And for the average sized community, administration and accounting alone can require two to three staff members.  Additionally, there are countless other responsibilities such as mechanical maintenance, landscaping, move-ins, move-outs, pest control and the list goes on.

Our goal is to partner with our clients in many ways that help them reduce utility costs and improve operational efficiency. For example, we provide turn-key utility submetering and utility billing services that are backed by our U.S. based billing customer care team. Additionally, we provide clients with Bill Pay Services; a valuable service that audits utility and vendor bills for accuracy and pays them on time!

Most property managers and property owners agree that managing the bills for a multifamily community is a huge task. Commercial utility bills can be complex and hard to compare against internal monitoring. This makes checking for accuracy difficult. As a result, utility bills are often paid without the close review. Auditing other utility and service bills such as cable TV, telephone services, and Internet for an entire community can be just as difficult.

Our goal is to relieve property owners and managers of this time-consuming monthly task. We’ll audit your bills for accuracy and ensure that they are paid accurately and on time. This valuable service often detects irregular charges or high consumption that when addressed can lead to additional savings. Knowing that your bills are in good hands can give you more time to focus on managing your property.