Commercial Property Utility Billing and Submetering

Track and Bill Utilities for Commercial Tenants Accurately while Reducing Operational Costs and Increasing Property Value

Commercial properties are another market that can realize significant benefits with Oates Energy commercial property utility billing and submetering. We have partnered with commercial properties across the country and helped them save thousands of dollars on water, electric and gas utilities through customized utility submetering and billing solutions tailored to the requirements of their owners and tenants.

Our years of experience in working with commercial properties has given us the experience to know and understand how the utility requirements and usage of commercial properties is very different than those of residential multifamily properties.

With the nature of commercial properties, competitive lease rates, common area maintenance fees, (CAM) and fair and accurate utility charges can be the key to securing the next new lease agreement. While utilities typically make up a large part of the over all cost to tenants, an effective water, sewer and/or gas submetering system can allow owners and property managers to set more competitive lease rates without including utility costs. Billing tenants for utilities seperately based on actual usage has numerous benefits:

  • Stay Competitive! Price per square foot can give you a competitive advantage when utility costs are not part of the lease rate.
  • Awareness! When tenants can monitor their utility usage, they can control their utility costs. This also reduces over all consumption and cost.
  • Accuracy! You̵