Electric Submetering

Customized Submetering Solutions for Apartment and Condominium Communities, Mobile Home Parks, New Construction and Commercial Properties.

Electric Submetering

Electric Submetering Installation for New ConstructionElectric service is one of the most expensive utilities for apartment complexes, condominiums, and mobile home parks. With an average monthly electric bill of around $90 a month for a 1.5 bedroom apartment, it’s easy to see how a 250 unit apartment community’s electric costs could easily exceed $25,000 each month when common area electric costs are added. Communities that do not submeter electric usage have consistently higher costs.

Electric submetering dramatically reduces electric costs in two main ways. One way is to encourage conservation with the force of cost. If a resident is directly responsible for their monthly utility costs, they will be more likely to conserve. They may run the AC a little less, turn off the lights and TV’s when not in use, and wait until they have full loads of laundry and be able to see a direct, positive impact on their bill.

Submetering for electricity also greatly reduces costs by allowing the commercial or multifamily property to accurately bill units for consumption. This allows the property to recover more of the costs of the utility from those who are using it, and stay on top of any potential usage issues.

As with other utilities, electric submete