Gas Submetering

Custom Submetering Solutions for Apartment and Condominium Communities, Mobile Home Parks, New Construction and Commercial Properties.


Gas Submetering Installation for New Construction

If your commercial or multifamily community, such as an apartment complex, condominium building or community, or mobile home park, is not submetered for gas and billing for individual usage, you may be missing out in a number of ways.  You already know that your gas utility is one of your largest monthly expenses, and you would probably agree that billing based on usage encourages conservation, but are you aware of just how much residents conserve when they can control their own utility costs?

If you are currently billing residents based on a RUBS solution or charging a flat rate for utilities with rent, you should consider billing based on submetered usage. Our experience has shown that when submetering gas usage is instituted for an average sized commercial or multifamily community, (200-400 Units) overall gas consumption drops by about 20-30%. In some cases, gas consumption was reduced by 40-50%.

Giving residents control of their utility costs almost always leads to substantial benefits for the property and for the residents:

  • Every property we have installed gas submeters for has shown a decrease in overall gas costs.
  • We are able to accurately bill for usage and recover costs, wh