Multifamily Utility Billing and Submetering

Billing and Submetering Solutions for Apartment Communities

Oates Energy is a national Multifamily Utility Billing and Submetering Company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in multifamily billing and submetering for water, electric and gas utilities through a suite of turn-key solutions. We offer an array of multifamily billing and submetering services to property owners and management companies, custom tailored to the unique needs of the properties, their residents and management.

Multifamily Utility Billing and Submetering Made Easy

  • We’ll consult closely about your needs and preferences, and perform all necessary initial on-site inspections at no cost to you.
  • We’ll provide a detailed transition plan designed to address your specific needs and requirements, also at no cost to you.
  • Our field technicians will make any necessary repairs and adjustments to existing submetering systems, or install new submetering.
  • Our experienced project managers will oversee the entire transition.
  • Our knowledgeable resident customer care center will answer all billing related questions and concerns from residents.
  • Your utility conservation and costs will improve.
  • You and your residents will enjoy timely and accurate utility billing and excellent support.