Water Submetering

Custom Submetering Solutions for Apartment and Condominium Communities, Mobile Home Parks, New Construction and Commercial Properties.

Submetering Water Usage

Water Submetering Installation for New ConstructionIf you are the property manager of a commercial property or multifamily community such as an apartment, condominium, or mobile home community, your community’s water and sewer bill is likely one of your largest monthly expenses. If your units are not submetered, your property’s water consumption is most likely more than it could be. In many cases, surprisingly more…

Residents often pay more attention to their water usage if they know their efforts to conserve water will be rewarded.  There is often less of an incentive to conserve when water utilities are a fixed portion of monthly rent or HOA fees, or if residents and tenants are being billed based on a RUBS, (Ratio Utility Billing System) model that they cannot control.